Shamadan 1 Door by Khalil Maamoon™ (27" Height)

Shamadan 1 Door by Khalil Maamoon™ (27" Height)

$ 119.99

For over a century, Khalil Maamoon's name has stood tall in the world of hookahs. Our handcrafted products have set an unprecedented benchmark for quality and craftsmanship throughout the industry. Every Khalil Maamoon hookah is carefully hand built in Egypt by seasoned artisans who have perfected the art hookah manufacturing over decades of practice. The traditional design of Khalil Maamoon hookahs have become the symbol for the entire hookah industry. The quality of Khalil Maamoon hookahs ensures the hookahs are built to last for years.

This Khalil Maamoon golden, ornamental piece stands 27 inches tall. This sturdy and moderately sized hookah is one of those that you’ll surely keep coming back to at the end of the day. Featuring 1 hose and 1 intricate contour on its downstem, this short solid shaft has a brass check valve and stainless steel down tube for that signature wide gauge style. Making it the respected quality hookah it’s known for today.

This hookah comes with a 72 inch Egyptian KM Hose, a clay Egyptian bowl, a hand-designed Egyptian glass vase, rubber grommets, tongs and cleaning brushes.  

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